Watercolour and the Art History Brush: Photoshop: CS6 onwards (TAQ TV +)


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In my other Photoshop watercolour tutorials and techniques, such as “W is for Watercolour” I concentrate on using my Pattern Stamp Tool watercolour brushes (here), but there is another wonderfully effective watercolour approach in Photoshop, where we use brushes via the super-powerful Art History Brush tool.

Once again, this is a technique that allows us to clone-paint directly from photographs, creating digital watercolour painting which are very nearly indistinguishable from their traditional counterparts.

In this full-blown package, I demonstrate not only how to create beautiful watercolour paintings via the Art History Brush tool, but also everything you need to know about the fundamentals of the Art History Brush tool, and how it can be used for both opaque paintings.
There’s everything you need here, to take control of the AHB, through hours of video tutorials, culminating in a full-blown demonstration showing every single step of the painting you see here!

Photoshop is a remarkably adept tool for painting in watercolour, with much less of the complexity you’ll find in other digital painting apps.
So, fire up Photoshop, and open up a whole new world of digital watercolour painting!