TAQ FUN-damentals 3: The Stuff of Paint (Self-Study class)



This is the Self-Study version of the original live class. All class resources and videos are available to view online and are also downloadable. The class contains over 12 hours of video instruction in Corel Painter 2018.

To use the brushes created in this class you will need a Wacom Art Pen.

This class includes an exclusive collection of digital gesso board surfaces for you to use as canvases in your digital paintings.


My ambition in this class is to concentrate on the physicality of paint and surface in digital painting, in Painter 2018. Because digital media is ‘virtual’, we tend to overlook the importance of the medium of paint.

The way paint sits on a surface, and mixes with itself is key to creating digital paintings that have all the characteristics of traditional media. Coming from a traditional background, my ultimate aim is to be able to paint digitally the way I paint with traditional media, with the same degree of media-driven virtuosity.
Every successful painting relies on the differences between wet-into-wet, dry on dry, thick over thin and opaque over transparent. The best paintings rely on both the characteristics of paint, and the nature of surface.
In Painter 2018, we now have so many ways to control these aspects of the look and feel of surface, stroke, and paint, thanks to the advantages of being able to use Drip and Liquid methods on layers, and the new Thick Paint technology. Never before have we had access to so many ways to control every aspect of the interaction of paint and surface. It’s this aspect of digital painting we’ll concentrate on in this class.

We’ll study:

  • Controlling the blending and liquidity of digital paint
  • Designing Dynamic Speckle Bristle brushes
  • Making the most of Drip and Liquid brush methods
  • Manipulating the canvas
  • Using Thick Paint technology thoughtfully
  • The importance of stroke and description
  • “Seeing” in a painterly way

Painting is all about the way we describe the world via paint, surface, and stroke. In this class you’ll explore these aspects of digital painting, in Corel Painter 2018. You’ll have the option to paint entirely from scratch, or to begin with a loose underpainting using Painter’s Clone Colour features.
If you want to take your digital painting to the next level, this is the class for you!