TAQ FUN-damentals 1: Drawing, Value, Edge, and Colour (Self-study class)



 This class features over 16 hours of downloadable video tuition covering the fundamentals of drawing, value, and colour.

Painting from scratch can sometimes seem so complicated that many people never even attempt it. In this class (self-study) I’ll show you that it really needn’t be that way, and that everyone can learn to draw and paint, given the right approach, dedication, and practice, practice, practice.

The key to making working from scratch much less of a mountain to climb is to separate out each of the elements required in any finished painting: Drawing, Value, Edges, and Colour, and that’s exactly what I’ll be demonstrating in the month-long class.
We’ll approach this from the ground-up, starting with establishing that crucial basic sketch. We won’t be tracing here, but I’ll be demonstrating techniques I’ve developed to make establishing that initial drawing achievable for everyone! We’ll use photographic references here, and I’ll show you how with enough practice you’ll be able to draw from these, using some simple systems I’ve developed.

Once you’ve become more confident with drawing, we’ll move on to dealing with value, and just how crucial tone and value is to creating a convincing, atmospheric scene, with all the light and shade the scene demands. Once again here, we’ll deal with this in a simple way, and I’ll demonstrate how to build convincing, direct, and beautifully simple tonality, regardless of colour. Along the way, we’ll look at the importance of edges in painting, and how proper use of edges can transform your work.

Finally, we’ll get to colour. Here I’ll demonstrate how you can use colour in a concise, super-effective way, using limited palettes. We’ll study limited palettes which the greatest painters in history have relied on, and I’ll show you how using fewer colours on your virtual palette gives your paintings the kind of impact and harmony they’ve never had before. We’ll also explore the incredible potential of using Gamut Masking to enable you take control of colour in your paintings, and explore a new world of colour in your work.

We’ll explore all of these things via small sketches, which you’ll build on and develop throughout the class. We’ll be working primarily in Corel Painter, but we’ll also look at how these same principles and the same approaches can be used in any other painting app, including those on your tablet or iPad.

What you’ll need for the class:

  • Corel Painter (ANY RECENT VERSION)
  • A Wacom graphics tablet and stylus (A Wacom Art Pen would be an advantage, but not required)