Rebelle girl- Rebelle at its finest! (TAQ TV +)

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In this full-blown video tutorial I lead you through every step in the creation of this illustration used in the Rebelle promotional trailer. View the trailer below!

In this tutorial package I demonstrate every step of the process, from blank canvas to finished illustration. This project is all about getting the most out of this revolutionary new real-media painting application, and capitalizing on its ability to create the most realistic watercolour and dry media effects I have ever seen!

We’ll use watercolour, pastel, ink pen, and opaques in this project, in a wonderfully creative approach, to create a unique and stylish illustration.

The idea here is not to copy me, but to use the demonstrated techniques together with your own reference images. This really isn’t a paint-along – my ambition is to teach you the many ways you can use the brushes and paper in Rebelle to create stunningly realistic real-media illustrations.

Once you’re armed with the techniques, you’ll be able to use this wonderfully loose, illustrative approach on virtually any subject.

Remember, you don’t need to have advanced drawing skills for this project, the whole process relies on creative trace-sketching, using your own reference on an underlying layer and tracing over the top of it.

Within the tutorial package, you’re supplied with my complete, layered Rebelle file, so you can open it in Rebelle and inspect the individual layers.

As a bonus, at the end of the tutorial, I’ll show you how you can use the layers in Rebelle, along with some special techniques, to create an alternative monochromatic version of the painting.

Please note: This tutorial is for Rebelle v1.5 and earlier versions, NOT for v2.