Schmid class: Natural Media Studies in Painter X3: Expressive Opaques (TAQ TV+)




This is the full, original class with all tuition, resources and videos. If you wish to purchase JUST the brushes included in this class, without tuition, you can purchase those HERE.

I developed a brand new collection of TAQ Schmid brushes for Corel Painter X3, inspired by the work of renowned artist, Richard Schmid. In this first Natural Media Studio class, I demonstrate every aspect of these brushes, and the techniques I’ve developed, enabling you to create stunningly realistic opaque media painting in Painter.

Although this class was originally using Painter X3, it’s also great for Painter 2015.

In this self-study class, I concentrate first on the brushes themselves, a collection of new techniques that allow you to build your digital paintings in a realistic way, and I introduce you to the importance of paper textures and flow maps. In the initial stages I concentrate on how vital realistic backgrounds are in your paintings, and how you can create a collection of these to use in your paintings. Then you’ll follow me using these tools and techniques, and you’ll get down to painting.

Best of all, everything about this process is clone-based, and we’ll be working directly from digital photographs as the source images, so even if you have no experience of traditional drawing and painting, you need have no fear. You’ll still get stunning results! On top of that, this class is your chance to get to grips with every aspect of the new clone source features in Corel Painter X3.

• The complete set of the TAQ Schmid brushes, including bonus Ab-Dab brush and exclusive TAQ Real Paint Stamps.

• A whole collection of brand new paint-based paper textures, made by me, and exclusive to TAQ.

• A whole set of exclusive flow maps for Painter X3

• The chance to work with start images provided by professional photographers especially for use in the class.

This is a self-study class featuring all of the material from the original live class, and featuring recordings of the original live sessions.