Trace Colour painting in Rebelle (TAQ TV +)

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In this full-blown project in Rebelle, I’ll take you through every single step of this painting, from preparing the source image photograph, right the way through to experimenting with various colour and tone variations on the finished painting, uusing watercolour and pastel.

This project uses Rebelle ‘Trace Colour’ option, which allows you to lift colour from a photographic image layer directly into your brush as you paint. This not only means that you don’t have to worry about mixing or choosing the correct tones and colours, it also means that the Trace Colour function will make the whole painting process much easier, enabling you to build the painting in an intuitive, logical way, with lots of help from the photographic source layer!

As well as demonstrating every step of the painting process, this package includes bonus videos on how to import extra watercolour splashes, runs and accents which you can combine with the finished painting to add extra panache and realism to your finished watercolour painting!

Please note: This tutorial is for Rebelle v1.5, NOT for v2.

Subjects covered:
Preparation of photographic source image (In Photoshop)
Importing images
Transforming layers
Using the ‘Tracing Layer’ option
Using the ‘Trace Colour’ function.
Preparing transparent watercolour overlays in Photoshop
importing watercolour overlays
Using Blending Modes for special effects.
Modifying colour and tonality.

(Please note that this tutorial package involves the use of Photoshop for some image preparation. You can use any version of Photoshop for this).

All presented in online videos, which are also downloadable, complete with all resources. Crystal-clear video instruction throughout.