Rebelle Chalk Sketch (TAQ TV +)

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In this full-length recording of a live demonstration, I show you how to create a sketch portrait in Rebelle.
This process uses trace sketching and Rebelle’s ‘Trace Colour’ function, so you don’t need advanced drawing skills to complete this project. Anyone can draw with the aid of tracing, and you’ll see every step of the process here, and you’ll soon be on your way to creating your own portrait sketches in Rebelle.

The photographic reference image and my layered Rebelle file is included in this tutorial. The demonstration itself lasts for almost two hours, and is presented in high definition video.

In this recorded live session I demonstrate how to approach building the drawing in a logical, traditional way, using use the Pastel Tool in Rebelle, along with a custom canvas, and layer Blending Modes. Colour accents are added using the Rebelle Acrylic brushes.

Please note: This tutorial is for Rebelle v1.5 and earlier versions, NOT for v2.