Rebelle – a Revolution in Watercolour! (TAQ TV +)

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Along with some brave and adventurous TAQ students, I’ve been exploring Rebelle, a revolutionary new desktop app from Escape Motions for painting with digital watercolour. I’m so impressed with Rebelle, and I would go as far as to say it’s the closest digital painting has ever come to the flow, spontaneity, and feel of traditional watercolour.

Rebelle is now in full production, still making developments, however, and the team is very responsive to feedback. Take a look at Rebelle here:

This is my first Rebelle tutorial package, and I lead you through every step of a line and wash townscape painting. You’ll see every step of the process in crystal-clear video. Together with this video tutorial, this package includes some basic Rebelle instruction videos, and an exclusive selection of my own custom papers for Rebelle.

The package also features lots of hints and tips, together with some observations regarding a couple of bugs that were in the Beta version of Rebelle.

On top of this, as a bonus, there is a full-length screen recording of the entire progress of the architectural study shown here, once again from start-to-finish.
This Bonus demonstration has no audio narration, watch carefully and you will follow my every step in the process, and you’ll be able to follow every mark and adjustment I make.

Please note: This tutorial is for Rebelle v1.5 and earlier versions, NOT for v2. During the v1.0 Beta phase, Rebelle didn’t feature clone-painting tools, so these are paint-from-scatch projects, using a start image to trace. Painting from scratch is remarkable intuitive in Rebelle, so have a go and surprise yourself with your results!