Photoshop Pattern Stamp Cloning Technique: Dog Portrait (TAQTV+)



If you love clone-painting, and you love Photoshop, this tutorial is made for you!
The demonstration that follows was part of my Fine Art Of Photoshop Summer School, and the first of many new standalone tutorials from that three-month session of painterly Photoshop creativity!
This project contains everything you need to clone-paint a portrait
of your favorite pooch, and you can adapt the process and technique demonstrated here to just about any other subject you can think of.
The approach we use here revolves around starting with a photographic image, and using that as a clone source for the painting itself. We’re not using the Mixer Brush Tool here, just simple brush presets, but the magic of this technique lies in the fact that we first define the photographic reference image as a pattern, allowing you to use the brush presets via the Pattern Stamp Tool, making the job of painting from scratch a whole lot easier!