Pencil, Pastel, Paper (TAQ TV +)


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Do you wish you could draw? Do you look at other people’s work, or back to your own youth, and wish you had the confidence to try?

Well, now you can!

All art, real-media or digital, has two fundamentals. First is control of the drawing tool – be it pencil, brush, stick or stylus. Here we have excellent guidance, exercises and tips to make sure that practising will really make you feel at home and comfortable with your stylus.

Second is the ability to really look at your subject. Whether you want to draw people, animals, places or things, the ability to see it as it really is, not just what you think it looks like, is essential. Once you are really looking, you can refine what you see by deciding what to leave out, and whether to put anything extra in!

Here Tim shows us how to use a combination of tracing and freehand to build good stylus control, and develop our looking and seeing. From there, we can practise and develop our own skills and vision, and really build confidence. The more we practise, the more we develop, and the more confident our work becomes. Try it yourself! You will find learning to draw has a knock-on effect on all your future drawings and paintings. Whether you want to work from scratch, freehand, or bring in colour from your source image.

Have fun! Explore just what you can do – and prepare to be really impressed with your own skills, as you practise!