Pen and Wash in Corel Painter (TAQ TV +)



Pen and Wash in Corel Painter 2015 and X3
In TAQ Beta Winter School, we set out to experiment and explore possibilities. Pen and Wash in Corel Painter 2015 and X3 is one of the fabulous tutorials that have come from the class. Here is a collection of mini tutorials and inspirational tips to inform and inspire you. Whether you want an introduction to pen and wash in Corel Painter 2015, a reminder to start you off again, or a catalyst to inspire further watercolour adventures, this tutorial is your answer!

Tim has surpassed himself in providing tools, resources, inspiration and guidance. You will have seen work by Tim and by Winter Schoolers in our Facebook group – TAQ Digital Easel. Now you can join in – play and explore, to your heart’s content!

You will need Corel Painter 2015 or X3, a Wacom tablet with pressure-sensitive stylus, and an up-to-date PC or Mac.