Painting Meagan (TAQ TV +)



In ‘Painting Meagan’, I’ll walk you through every single step of creating a spontaneous, painterly portrait, directly from a photograph, in Corel Painter.

‘Painting Meagan’ is all about approaching creative cloning in just the way a traditional painter approaches painting from scratch, using paint, brushes, and your artist’s eye to coax the subject from the bare canvas.

In this tutorial, I demonstrate how you can use all the advantages of cloning, without compromising on the expressive, spontaneous aspects of painting that can really make your work stand out from the crowd.

As well as the full step-by-step video walkthrough of the entire painting process, you’ll begin by studying a comprehensive Getting Started session, where I’ll teach you about the way to set up and use the brushes, and demonstrate the overall approach needed for the project.

You’ll be supplied with the start image, together with my finished painting file, so you can study each of the layers that make up the finished painting.

This instructional video comes complete with all the brushes you need, brand new variants of my renowned ‘Schmid’ brushes. The package includes these brushes for both Corel Painter 2015 and Corel Painter X3, so no matter which version of Painter you use, this training title will work for you!

Many thanks to Meagan Flaherty for allowing me to use her wonderful photograph as a reference for this project.