Marquetry in Corel Painter (TAQ TV +)



Marquetry is one of the traditional arts and crafts, carefully choosing wood veneers, cutting them, and fitting them together to form a picture. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create beautiful marquetry-style paintings directly from photographic source images.
To create good marquetry in Corel Painter, you need some solid skills and knowledge. This is a fun way to build them. The sort of stuff that will stand you in good stead with a wide range of art projects.

This is what you will learn here:

  • How to gather and use a range of interesting textures – wood, stone, fabric – anything and everything is grist to your mill.
  • The ability to visualise the areas of tonality in your start or source images.
  • How to create attractive and dynamic shapes with selections and masks.
  • The creativity to adapt the textures you have found, so they work together to suit your subject and style.
  • How to develop your creativity further. Maybe you’d like to add line, with strokes, or add painted areas to subtly emphasis the grain and texture?

And then just think of the possibilities! Tapestry, collage, mosaics… the world is your oyster!