Low Tide: Line and Colour Sketch in Corel Painter 2017 (TAQ TV +)



Line and colour are perfect partners, and that’s especially true in Painter 2017, where we can make the most of the subtlety that the new Glazing Brush technology brings us, and the textural complexity that comes from the new Dab Stencil feature. Marry these together with some spontaneous and expressive line work, a modicum of magic supplied by the new Interactive Gradient tool, and you have the ideal recipe for wonderfully expressive urban colour sketches!

In this full-blown tutorial I’ll lead you through every step of this project, giving you everything you need to produce your own colour sketches of your favourite subjects.
We’ll use the stroke opacity-limiting capabilities of Glazing Brushes, together with Flow Maps via Dab Stencils.

You won’t spend ages searching for brushes and resources as you go, because this package comes complete with a Corel Painter BOX file, which will install all brushes and resources for you, together with a handy custom panel to use as you work!

On top of that, I’ll give you the very best grounding in approaching line sketches in a thoughtful, expressive way. A good sketch is fundamental to this approach, and I’ll demonstrate how you can use trace-sketching to begin with, giving you the confidence to move forward, even if you’ve always shied away from working from scratch. Trust me, you’ll surprise yourself!

Total running time of tutorial: 2hr 55m
A Wacom Art Pen is recommended for this project, although not essential.

View excerpts from this tutorial below: