Daily Sketch demonstration



Sketching is something I do every single day, day-in-day-out.. it’s something that’s really so crucial to my development as an artist, and so key to being able to get better at Seeing and Drawing.

Even if you normally prefer to clone, being able to see and visually edit what’s in front of you is absolutely crucial to creating successful paintings! That means that even if you THINK you can’t draw, making sure that you do something like this exercise EVERY DAY will improve every painting you ever create, more than you can ever imagine. Think of it as Keep Fit for the soul and for the eye.
So, what we have here is a demo of one of my sketches, in Photoshop, from start to finish. In it I lead you through the whole process, and through every decision I make, and why I make those decisions. The demonstration is in Photoshop, but that really makes no difference.. the principles here apply to this broad sketching approach no matter what software you choose to use, or even if you choose to do them traditionally. It’s the SEEING and the SIMPLIFICATION that matters here!
If you prefer to work in Corel Painter, I’m supplying you with a couple of custom brushes, similar to those I use in Photoshop here. Whichever software you choose to use, the approach is the same.

This sketch took me just under an hour to complete as you will see. Trust me here, set aside an hour a day to do one of these, and you won’t believe how much difference it makes to your confidence and your ability, ESPECIALLY if you’re not use to drawing! I’ve kept the tools and techniques very simple here, simply so this will be something you can do every day, without being concerned about the intricacies of software and tools.

You can see some short excerpts from the tutorial below.