All about the new TAQ TV versions.

Selected tutorials already in the shop, and all new tutorials, now have TAQ TV online versions available. The new TAQ TV online option allows you to stream your chosen tutorials, direct from the web – on your desktop, laptop or tablet!
TAQ TV versions are available to view online, instantly, without the large downloads that downloadable versions require.

When you buy a downloadable tutorial which has a TAQ TV option, the TAQ TV version is included. Alternatively, you can buy just the TAQ TV version at a discounted price.
Your link to view your TAQ TV version will be emailed to you, once you’ve completed your purchase, but you can also access all your TAQ TV tutorials via the ‘My Account” section of the site.

myacc1To use the “My Account” section, visit the site and click on “My Account” up in the menu bar. Log in using your email address and password.










myacc2You will see any TAQ TV versions in the “Dashboard” section. Just click “View” to view the tutorial.

myacc4You’ll find any downloadable versions you’ve purchased in the “Downloads” section of the “My Account” page.